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Like Lullabies you are forever in my mind.






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i gotta carry my phone around with me 24/7 just in case nobody texts me 

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So I had no voice at work today, and since I work at the Disney Store 

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I had a little note pad, in which I wrote, “Can’t speak, Ursula the Sea Witch stole my voice! But I’m happy to assist you!”And a little girl came up to me, read my notepad, grabbed my hand, and dragged me all around the store,asking random guys if they’d like to be my “true love” so I can get my voice back and stay human.…it was the most adorable, awkward situation I had ever been in. Everyone else got a kick out of my reference too.

Too cute not to reblog. XD

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When I dance.. 


In front of my parents:

In front of my friends:

By myself:

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Zen Pencil Comics: 89. STEPHEN FRY: Ultimate self-help book

I need to read this on a regular basis.

" ____ is in a relationship " 


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